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Lesley Reitzel loves creating serene spaces that make people feel beautiful and at home. As a young girl, she spent many hours at her grandmother’s salon forming warm memories of “coffee” with guests, keeping the salon spotless, and sometimes spending time with them while their roller sets dried under hood dryers. Lesley learned early on that the salon was a place to be pampered, have time for yourself, and connect. She continues these traditions today at cLio—her grandmother’s namesake and fittingly, one of the 9 muses representing celebration, proclamation, and history.


Lesley’s superpower is integrity and she strives to provide a professional salon experience born from more than 20 years of learning and doing. Her passion and pursuit of personal and professional growth led her to step into her own artistic space as Opal Boutique Salon in 2012. That shift allows her to continue expanding and evolving within the sustainably focused Davines community along with other boutique brands and salons for advanced cutting and color techniques. 

Her training includes twelve years mentoring and educating as a Senior Level Stylist for Modern Salon and Spa, constantly learning with top stylists from around the world. Her history of Aveda concept training includes artists David Adams, Lupe Voss, Van Michael, Allen Ruiz, Antoinette Beenders, and Walter Claudio HeadMapping Color Systems certification just to name a few. 

She is currently studying in the Sally Rogerson advanced haircutting program where she is surrounded by a global network of artists who lift each other up, lovingly supporting in every aspect of life. Her ongoing education with Sally and teams will include the highly respected and laser focused one-on-one Teacher Training Program and annual Thrive Sessions training events. 


Lesley has also earned certification through A Reiki Life in the Japanese energy balancing practices of Reiki. With Level 2 attunement she utilizes the honored symbols for distance work when sessions must be performed remotely. Reiki treats the person as a whole including body, emotions, mind, and spirit to release stress. A treatment offers relaxation, feelings of peace, and a sense of wellbeing. 

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“We are no longer just hairdressers, but living lifestyle creators for our guest in the salon. We must all share in the knowledge of our experiences and become each other’s mentors and students. Thus, hand in hand, we are continuously teaching and learning from each other" 

           - Hauns Korpela

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