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authentically beautiful

Hair Rejuvination & Treatments
Long Lasting Professional Color
Blowouts, Cuts, & Styling


cLio is about more that looking good, it’s about feeling great. Our personalized styling sessions happen one-on-one in a private space where your stylist can focus on you and listen to exactly what you want and need. We’re here to provide a place where you can step out of your day-to-day and feel relaxed, refreshed, and care for. 


Your experience at cLio begins when you step into our light, airy environment breathing in the aromas and healing power of essential oils before settling in with a cozy cup of organic herbal tea. Expect a soothing shampoo session infused with Reiki energy healing to help you feel more balanced and calm. Your hair is in for a treat with luxurious Davines color and haircare products to make it feel soft, shiny, and strong. After you’ve enjoyed the perfect combination of pampering paired with precision work, you’ll leave feeling authentically, beautifully you. 

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